Bird Tribe

Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Creative Collaboration.


Musician and Writer, 

Songwriting recordist working from  record facility:Tribus d'oiseaux  original productions. 

Poems, songs and scraps and  a Book that's rewriting; "If you can remember the Sixties" 

A book that Chronicles the times and some Iconic lives, including his own non iconic status in the London of the 60/70s.  From Flower Power to the hippies revenge: i.e. the punk movement and chemical mayhem and nihilism that follows.

If you can remember the Sixties, you weren't there!

Services and equipment.


 Recording, mixing and Mastering.

Skype Guitar lessons.

Adat tape transfer, cassette tape transfer. Dsd transfer.

Now available residential self recording space in self contained woodland chalet with use of equipment; and engineer, if needed.

Collaborations and musical exchange......


Conversion: Rme ADI-Pro2 fs. Yamaha Mr816

Pre amps: Daking, SSL. R.M.E Yamaha, Korg.

Desk: SSl Six super analogue consule.

Korg 168 Recording console,

Adat xt

 Hardware outboard includes: SSl. Elysia xpressor, Elysia Xfilter. Drawmer.

 Pc's running D.A.W. software including Cubase 10 and Reaper 5. 

Virtual instruments: Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate, Halion 5, Superior Drummer 3, Groove Agent 4.  

Interfaces: RME. ADI pro2 fs. Rme fireface, Steinberg Mrx 816, Steinberg UR 824.connected via Adat into a Rme 9652 Pci soundcard.

Mics include Akg 414, Akg C3000, Sm57, T.bone c300 Tube Mic , sm58. 

Midi controllers: Steinberg, M audio, Komplete S61

Studio monitors Adam P11, Tapco S.8...Adam T7V.

Guitars include Srv strat, jap strat, many acoustics....many fx stompboxs

Amps:  Katana Artist, Marshall, Peavey, Roland, Fender 

Keyboards: Roland xp80 and Komplete S61

Drums: Hayman acoustic and Roland electronic Set


             Credits and Recordings: 

Recent clients:  Mattias Erdmann: 

Tony Reece and Caro Spiller: 

 Dancing from the knees up..

No 3. Doris Day smile on his jukebox is a one track sampler from the album.

 I recorded the Frog Fair, a live 3 day hippy music festival in 1998, with my newly purchased digital mixer and an Adat machine. ...I remember at the end of the festival, feeling I had attended a mini Woodstock... 

 Frog Fair 98. And Frog Fair 2: "Healing Time" were both released on cassette.  For a re-mastered digital version contact me: 

Recently digitized, from a 40 year old cassette tape, my original song Ringolevio written in 1973 and featuring Phil Taylor, pre-Motorhead. He was the drummer for my band of the same name... This song was inspired by Emmet Grogans description of this New York street game in his book "Ringolevio"  this book also covers the San fran Hippy scene and the diggers.

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